Baked Goods and Food Products

While we are learning to grow a market garden of fresh produce to increase the availability of locally sourced, responsibly grown foods, we also strive to use our farm fresh produce in our baked goods and food products. 

I have always had an interest in food, cooking, and baking, and fondly remember watching the Frugal Gourmet on PBS before I was old enough to attend school as a child. When I began to study food, Rich and I learned many new ways that we could create the processed foods that we would see in the grocery stores out of home grown ingredients. This love and interest in always learning has caused us to have a wide range of cooking and baking methods which we enjoy experimenting into and we are excited to offer these specialty baked goods and different cooking methods to our customers. 

Crafts and Non-Food Products

While I have always enjoyed crafting and creating art from objects, with the farm this ability is greatly expanded. Not only that, but with goat milk and different fibers, we are able to explore so many other products we can make, like goat milk soap. Stay tuned for the many experiments we will be doing into types of items we can create ourselves.

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