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Becoming a Farming Anthropologist /Researcher Farmer

Adaptation to Succeed


From October 2017 through December 2018, Kelly conducted ethnographic research with local food farmers in North Texas. The North Texas Local Food Farmer's Journal of Best Practices was developed from this research.  In this journal, she focuses on the farming methods that local farmers in North Texas have used to grow despite the harsh growing conditions found. She found North Texas farmers use their own systems of Climate Adaptive Ecological Knowledge to be able to continue to grow. Farmers like Sue Newhouse from Aunt Sue's Barn, Jeff Bednar from Profound Microfarms, and Mark Chapin from Chapin Farms are approaching local food and farming in a sustainable and regenerative manner. The adaptations that they are integrating to find success on their farms and their process of developing and using Climate Adaptive Ecological Knowledge are pathways to developing sustainable solutions.

The journal is currently free to access online. If you would like your own FREE copy, please contact us.

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