Solid Bath Bubbles


3.5 oz 


Solid bath bubbles are a great way to enjoy a bath full of foamy, soft bubbles that last. Simply break up half of the 3.5 oz. puck of bath bubbles under running water to enjoy a bubble bath in minutes, and they smell great!


All soaps and lotions are made in small batches and tested on family and friends before market. All products are made in small batches, by hand.

  • 3.5 oz bath pucks
    Add at least half of the solid bath bubbles to running water to enjoy a bubble bath in minutes.

    Ingredients: Baking Soda, Cream of Tartar, Liquid Glycerin, Sodium Laurel Sulfoacetate, Corn Starch, Castor Oil, Tapioca Flour, Mica Colorant

    Barbershop scented with Barbershop Fragrance Oil
    Lavender and Vanilla scented Vanilla Fragrance Oil and Lavender Essentail Oil
    Amber Romance scented with Amber Romance Fragrance Oil

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