Fresh Cut Herbs (2.5 - 3oz)


Fresh cut herbs, naturally grown.

Our rosemary is growing in nicely from a hard cutback last fall, so these sprigs are nice and soft. 2.5 - 3oz packet includes 20 sprigs.

Our mint is positively the workhorse of the herbs. It tries to take over wherever its planted and grows fast and hard from March through October. 2.5 - 3oz packet includes 10 sprigs.

Our sage was seeded two years ago and has been slowly and steadily growing. This spring, it took off and flooded our herb spiral with beautiful, soft ears of clean fresh sage. 2.5 - 3oz packet includes 10 sprigs.

  • A biodegradeable plastic bag including 2.5 - 3oz of fresh herbs. Rosemary, sage, or mint will be freshly cut to order.

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