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Thoughts on human rights

So, I've been fairly quiet lately about the goings on in the nation. Really because I just have so much to say that I don't know where to start. But also because I prefer conversations to posts lately. So, here are my thoughts on the "supreme court" overturning Roe v Wade. Comments will be deleted, this is equivalent to a diary entry.

Recently the Supreme Court, led by Justice Clarence Thomas, have decided that they are at war with the majority of U.S. citizens. They have overturned Roe v Wade, stripped federal power to combat climate change, and weakened gun control. In fact, they have done all they can to choose a side, to be political, and to dishonor their oath. I know it was the GOP who put the pieces in place, and they made sure whose pockets the “justices” were in before putting them into office, but I also know that every step of the way is a choice.

And now this small group of fringe radicals have done all they can to implement their doctrine on the rest of the people. I have a pretty good question, it deals with integrity and honesty…how, HOW, am I supposed to believe in a “supreme court” of these judges who are supposed to be the epitome of truth and justice, and they’re a bunch of liars and cheats? How’s that work? I’m sorry, but I have zero faith in a liar court of puppets. All I can say in their defense is that Roe v Wade should have been codified into law by now, and that was not the fault of the court, but the fault of congress.

As for all the pro-birth folk out there, they are more than welcome to NOT HAVE AN ABORTION. I find it surprising that not one person who I have seen in support of pro-birth can explain legally why Roe v Wade should be overturned. Even the justices on the Supreme Court had to read between the lines of the constitution and use an argument about the limit of federal reach in order to overturn it – and by using that argument about federal reach, they opened the door to overturn LGBTQ+ rights, to attack access to contraception, and it even calls interracial marriage rights into question. I’m frankly disgusted by how many pro-birth folks seem to be delighted in discussing the morbidity of killing. Please don’t target false narratives, urban legends, and individual sensitivity to manipulate other people’s understanding of the law. The point in discussing a law and whether something is just is not to trigger an emotional response. Firsthand or as a witness, I have yet to see a conversation about rights to reproductive choice that did not include this morbid and triggering manipulation of the conversation from the pro-birth audience.

Legally, the only person who has a right over my body is ME. Why do I fight to protect everyone's access to reproductive services? Because every person should have the right to body autonomy, and I will forever fight to protect our rights over our own bodies.

I have lost body autonomy before, or, rather, had it taken from me. The loss of body autonomy is one of the most traumatic parts of being molested or abused. Not having control over your own body, someone else having control over what your body does – is psychologically, emotionally, and physically traumatizing, and can lead to other psychological problems, PTSD, and trauma responses. It makes me wonder if those who argue to take away the rights of others have ever experienced such a thing, or if they can even grasp it. The idea that people actually want to codify rights over others bodies, especially considering our understanding of how different the world works for each of us, is horrific.

There's really a lot more that could be said about the puppet masters, the manipulation of the narrative, how we are all being pitted against each other, and how capitalism is always to blame, but for now, I wanted to get these thoughts out of my brain and onto the page. I keep seeing people having arguments about individual scenarios, and not the human right of body autonomy. But, when we peel away the law, and what the government can or cannot control, the question of Roe v Wade is actually a question of whether or not we have control of our own bodies.

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