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Disclaimer: Our Farm and Research Blog has been created to share our research findings and daily farm life with the public. We are not professionals and none of our blog posts represent professional advice. Please consult a professional for individual advice.

May 2019: Research Update, Update to Farm Activities, and Plan for Future Posts

Updated: Jun 9

In this video update for May 2019, I discuss an update to my research, farm activities, and a future plan for posts.

Updates to my North Texas local food farm research include:

- rescheduled graduation for fall 2019

- presentation on June 1, 2019 at the Fort Worth Museum of Science and History

- presentation in late November 2019 at the American Association of Anthropology

(I will better explain the meaning of TEK in my next blog post, this one shows I sometimes

don't think before I try to explain things)

-a plan for a Journal of Best Practices

I also discuss plans to write a chapter on a local case study.

And future research plans for Puerto Rice Research are also explained.

The farm activities that I discuss include:

-milk sharing with Lady, our Boer goat

-garden workdays

-our next steps in infrastructure: a milking parlor and more fencing

-our plan for a duck run re-do

Watch for future blog posts in different formats. These will include:

-A poster presentation explained

-the Journal of Best Practices

-more detailed information on our duck run redo

Thanks for tuning in!


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