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Disclaimer: Our Farm and Research Blog has been created to share our research findings and daily farm life with the public. We are not professionals and none of our blog posts represent professional advice. Please consult a professional for individual advice.

Introduction to Research and Farm Blog

Updated: Jun 9, 2023

May 16, 2019 Introduction to Research and Farming

I am Kelly McFarland, an applied anthropologist, mother of three, and owner of a small farm in North Texas and this is my video blog. This post details the purpose of the blog and explains a little bit about the research that I do. Watch above to find out more about anthropology and farming and how I have managed to take a holistic approach to the study of local agriculture. Join me for future blog posts where I will update you on my presentations, publications, and share with you the amazing knowledge I have been able to gain through my current research into local food farming in North Texas.

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