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Boer Goats!

At RK McFarmland, we have a small herd of registered Boer goats.

We continually explore other breeds and may one day add mohair goats or a dairy variety, but for now we are too delighted with our Boer babies to consider another type. 

We have now grown to be able to offer goats available for adoption! This year's kids are ready to go, click HERE for more information. All buyers must have grazing land available along with adequate living quarters, because goats need forage. Goats are herd animals and as such, interested buyers must either have another goat for companionship or else purchase a pair. We strive to maintain a happy and healthy quality of life for all of our animals and will only allow buyers offering the same loving care.


We are not currently offering any breeding animals for adoption. All goats available are wethered males (males without testes) or females who are not intended for breeding. 

RK Does (in order of hierarchy) Starbaby, Sienna, MJ, Harley, Lady, and Honeybee

Males: A new guy without a name is our buck, and Warren is our forever wether

Kids available for adoption: Ziggy (wether), Freckles (wether), Blanket (wether), and Tulip (doeling)

Terminology: A-G H-Z

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