Boer Goats!

At RK McFarmland, we have a small herd of registered Boer goats.

We are starting to be interested in milking, so we may also add other breeds. 

We want to build our herd to 14 goats before we start to offer the kids for adoption into 4H, FFA, as homestead livestock, or to help start more herds. We currently are at 12, so keep an eye out in the coming year for our first ever adoptions! 

Does: Sienna*, MJ*, Lady, Jill, Starbaby, and our newest doe, Harley*

Bucks: Atlas* and Midnight Special, and our newest buck, Rocco*

Wethers: Garfunkle*, Apollo*, and Warren

*these goats were born here at RK.

Terminology: A-G H-Z

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