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RK Gardens


The part of farming that had me interested before coming to RK McFarmland was the plant aspect. I have always enjoyed growing houseplants, but through learning to farm, gardening and experimenting in all the new ways that I have learned to plant has become a passion.

We currently have these perennials:

  • Peach trees

  • Grapevines

  • Raspberry bushes

  • Blueberry bushes

  • Pecan trees

  • Almond trees

And we also maintain a market garden of seasonal vegetables. As our knowledge and ability grows, we plan to continue to grow fresh produce in an array of methods to offer for sale in local food markets and as an aspect of our educational services.

Garden Workdays

We have begun to offer garden workdays to a small group of friends and are looking into offering these workdays to a larger audience, if there is interest. Please contact us to let us know if you would like to join our community and help make things grow!

Terminology: A-G H-Z

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