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Pekin Ducks are cute, funny, and can be friendly (some aren't)

Along with Pekins, we also own Rouen and Saxony ducks. They live in our backyard. Our Rouens are Blanche and Rose, the Saxony are Sophia and Dorothy, and Pearl and Drako Malfowl are the Pekins. Our females are all egg layers, so we do currently have two slots available for weekly pick-up for interested customers. Contact us for more information.

Pysanky Ukranian Egg Painting

I am learning the art of Pysanky Egg Painting, since we are knee deep in eggshells. From the Ukraine, Pysanka egg painting is a traditional method of painting wax on eggs and dyeing them several layers of colors to create beautiful patterns. The word Pysanka is linked to the verb "to write". Traditionally, people would draw folk designs on the eggs, and these symbols and designs came to mean different things. For instance, a spiral on the egg is a symbol for a spiral of time. In the early fall and late spring we may offer classes to others interested in learning more. Contact us for more information.


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