About our Farm

I grew onions, y'all! And they don't suc
RK  McFarmland: a center for farming and food research.

I am Kelly McFarland, a GIS certified applied cultural anthropologist and food researcher as well as co-owner of the farm. My husband, Rich, also runs this place, and our three daughters have been known to help. This website will serve as a platform for my research as well as our farmsite. I am currently working to develop a direction for my blog and to build the shop on this site. In other words, things are still a work in progress. Take a look around the site and see what my oldest daughter, Rory, has helped me to put together. So far on the farm, we have a slew of animals that we are raising, including goats, ducks, bees, rabbits, dog, cats, and three children. And lots and lots of plants.


The media site I update the best for our farm has been Instagram, so be sure to follow our farm!

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