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Dexter Cattle

RK McFarmland's Dexter cattle are not mini, they are a heritage breed

Dexter cattle were the preferred dual purpose breed of cattle in America back when homesteading was the standard. They only require a small amount of grazing land, are quite hardy, and normally fairly docile. Due to the mass production of certain breeds of cattle, Dexters were a rare breed, but have been updated to a recovering breed recently. Preserving genetic diversity and taking advantage of an animal that requires less land to raise are a few reasons why we have an interest in raising Dexter cattle. Their adorable faces and floof of fur are just an added bonus.

Welcome Norman, our cute newborn bull calf! He was born on May 27, 2019, much to our surprise. We got Paige October 1, 2018 and we have been waiting for months wondering if she was really pregnant. She's a great mama and we are very proud of her.


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