to RK  McFarmland, a center for farming and food research.

I am Kelly McFarland, a GIS certified applied cultural anthropologist and food researcher as well as co-owner of the farm. My husband, Rich, also runs this place, and our three daughters have been known to help. This website will serve as a platform for my research as well as our farmsite.

Take a look around and see what my oldest daughter, Rory, has helped me to put together. Her original design created the foundation for this site and now that I've put it together here, she is going to try her hand at maintaining it for us. My main focus will be on the research and blogging aspect of the site.


So far on the farm, we have a slew of animals that we are raising, including goats, ducks, bees, rabbits, dog, cats, and three children. And lots and lots of plants!

The media site I update the best for our farm has been Instagram, so be sure to follow our farm!

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