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Loaf & Leaf, LLC is the next step in our food journey - a bakery and lifestyle shop focused on partnering with local food producers, universities, and city initiatives, to promote the growth of the local economy.

Loaf & Leaf, LLC grew from RK McFarmland; a small farm that was created with a vision focused on understanding the food system, to support the steps needed to build a regional food system, using local, regenerative agriculture.

Find out a little more about our journey here.

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To Our Food Journey

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At The Farming Anthro Blog, my current focus is on updating and creating more transparency in our progress. My current update explains more about Loaf & Leaf, LLC and what this means to our food journey.

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Loaf & Leaf, LLC
Bakery and Lifestyle Shop

At Loaf and Leaf, we have local baked goods and produce available for pick-up in a weekly order. We also have fine handmade crafts, available locally and nationally. If you would like to special order an item that you do not see available on the site, send me an email and we can see what we can do!

Kelly McFarland, M.S.
Professional Portfolio

Check out my Professional Portfolio to find out more about my current and past research and design projects and community outreach projects.

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